Welcome to PourRestore Tea™ - organic, plastic free and formulated by an actual nutritionist!

So happy you are here!

Based in California, PourRestore Tea was founded by Sandi Cohen, a functional nutritionist.  After working with clients for 17 years, Sandi saw the opportunity to create organic, herbal, custom-blended teas in non-plastic tea bags, helping both the planet and her customers, who would keep dangerous microplastics out of their bodies.

Most tea bags are made of plastic and as they heat, microplastics melt into the tea and enter the body with every sip. Our tea bags are made of Solion, (a lactic acid protein) and are not just better for you, the tea drinker, but also for the planet as they are completely biodegradable.

Pourrestore – teas to restore wellness and our world.

Take our tea to the beach, office, plane, train, boat, backyard, anywhere and… sip up!