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Bloating can be very uncomfortable!

Our Bye Bye Bloat Tea is a delicious tea that has ingredients to help alleviate your discomfort. This tea is caffeine free tea.

“....This tea is amazing! Not only did I love the taste, but it took my bloating away!!! I felt so much better and will definitely take my plant based tea bag along when I travel!! So much better than loose leaf teas - so much more convenient!! My new best thing!!...” - Blake, Verified customer

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There are many reasons why bloating happens. Your gastrointestinal tract could be irritated due to excess caffeine, sugar, gluten, alcohol or processed oils like Safflower oil, Sunflower oil or Canola oil.

While drinking our tea, see if you can stop eating the above mentioned and notice the difference you’ll feel.

Bye Bye Bloat Tea Ingredients Spotlight

Spearmint leaf is a cool, fresh tasting herb. Spearmint may assist with digestion, bloating, headaches and cold symptoms.

Lemon balm is part of the nervine family that helps bring calm to the body and mind. Nervines help to fortify frayed nerve endings that are the result of chronic stress and an inability to relax.

Chamomile flowers are anti-inflammatory and help with relaxation andsleep.

Marshmallow root is most typically used to support the gastric mucosa. The root is traditionally used to support a healthy digestive system. It is especially soothing to the stomach and it is known to reduce bloating and inflammation in the small intestine.

Raspberry leaf is balancing, energizing and cleansing and nourish the blood with its minerals and vitamins.

  • Eco Friendly

  • 100% Oraganic

  • All Natural

  • Vegan

  • Plastic-Free

  • Formulated by a nutritionist

Functional Nutritionist Founder • 0 micro-plastics in tea bags

We create organic, herbal, custom-blended teas in non-plastic tea bags, helping both the planet and our customers.

Most tea companies use plastic tea bags. Our teas are formulated by a functional nutritionist and use plant based tea bags only!

Lifestyle treatment for bloating

Chew your food slowly and well – this will increase the saliva in your mouth, which will increase your enzyme production

Gentle exercise such as walking

Yoga poses such as child’s pose

Eliminate processed sugar, gluten, alcohol, and dairy

Drink your BYE BYE Bloat Tea

Spread the word to your friends and family

This tea is not for pregnant or nursing women, speak with your doctor.

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