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Our SLEEP WELL TEA is an excellent, supportive addition to your sleep routine that will help you drift off to sleep and catch some Z’s. This tea is caffeine free tea.

After a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel refreshed, focused and ready to conquer your day.

“....I could tell immediately how great quality this tea is... it smells so divine right out of the package! I was sleepy just a few minutes at the r taking my first sip, I could barely finish my delicious tea! I slept like a baby. So glad I found this brand.... can’t wait to try the other flavors!...” - Chase, Verified customer

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Here are a few reasons why sleep is so important. If you aren’t sleeping well, this can lead to decreased resilience to stress, weight gain, reduced memory and recall, mental distress irritability, high blood pressure just to name a few.

Factors that will negatively influence sleep:
Electro-magnetic fields, glowing lights in your bedroom coming through window, TV on at bedtime, pain, snoring, breathing issues, alcohol, blood sugar issues, noise, stress, going to sleep late, fasting , caffeine, exercising too close to bedtime

Factors to help you sleep better:
Flux (a free downloadable software that manages light from computers) very dark room comfortable pillows improving blood sugar , SLLEP WELL TEA

Bye Bye Bloat Tea Ingredients Spotlight

Chamomile flowers are anti-inflammatory and help with relaxation and sleep. As well as anti-bacterial and a muscle relaxant.

Lemon balm leaf is part of the nervine family that helps bring calm to the body and mind. Nervines help to fortify frayed nerve endings that are the result of chronic stress and an inability to relax.

Passion flower has a particular affinity for helping with insomnia. The flowers leaves and roots of the passionflower contain gentle sedative properties that help to ease the body’s response to chronic stress and stressful situations.

Lavender flowers help with insomnia

Skullcap leaf a is a wonderful herb that is perhaps one of the gentlest yet powerful herbal remedies for the nervous system. Skullcap has the potential to both calm and strengthen the nerves, while at the same time it has the potential to relax muscle spasms.

  • Eco Friendly

  • 100% Oraganic

  • All Natural

  • Vegan

  • Plastic-Free

  • Formulated by a nutritionist

Functional Nutritionist Founder • 0 micro-plastics in tea bags

We create organic, herbal, custom-blended teas in non-plastic tea bags, helping both the planet and our customers.

Most tea companies use plastic tea bags. Our teas are formulated by a functional nutritionist and use plant based tea bags only!

Lifestyle schedule for sleeping

Close all blinds in your bedroom – make it very dark

Put band-aids on any glowing or bright lights (maybe from your TV or laptop)

Skip caffeine

Wear a sleep mask and have cozy pillows

All lap tops and iPhones out of your bedroom or 7 feet away from your head

Sip your SLEEP WELL Tea 10 minutes before bedtime

This tea is not for pregnant or nursing women, speak with your doctor.

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