Let’s talk water!


As you know, water is so beneficial to your overall health.  Many of us forget to drink it during the day, which can surprisingly impact our health. Buy your own glass water bottle and have it in your bag…sip throughout the day.

Water Facts:

  • Water lubricates joints
  • Water helps regulate body temperature
  • Water allows us to sweat and perspire
  • Water helps our muscles to contract
  • Water allows us to produce saliva and digestive enzymes 
  • Thirst is often misjudged as hunger
  • Our water content decreases with age and drinking more water can actually slow the aging process
  • Water prevents constipation

Many people often wonder if it’s better to drink warm water or cold water. That decision, of course, is a personal one, but consider this: 

Warm Water Benefits:

  • Ideal in the morning as it flushes the kidneys and helps with bowel movements 
  • Stimulates the glands of the stomach and prepares the stomach for food
  • After a meal, warm water detoxifies and improves digestion

Cold Water Benefits:

  • Can burn more calories because the body needs to heat up the water in order to use it
  • Brings down your body temperature faster after working out
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